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Auto Packaging

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LCD/OLED Automated Packaging Solution

System Composition

  • ABB IRB 360robot
  • Product conveyor line (The front end is a manual inspection and loading station)
  • Protection tablet station
  • Feeding and blanking, stacking station


  • Automatic picking of products in the back stage
  • Reducing direct contact with people
  • Improve picking beats
  • Adapt to multi-size products

LCM Automated Packaging Solution

System Composition

  • IRB 120/IRB 1200 robot
  • Conveyor Tracking/Vision System

  • Background Industrial Control System

  • Automatic feeding, stacking and delivery system

  • Auto packaging system


  • Implementation of the back-end product fully automatic packaging
  • Integrating to the MES System

  • Tracking the conveyor line

  • compatible multi-size products

  • Flexible classification combinations for each station

Product Targeting Transfer

System Composition

  • IRB120 robot
  • Plastic feeding station
  • Product positioning mechanism
  • Transport blanking station


  • Ensure placement consistency
  • Reducing the number of on-site operators
  • Avoid secondary pollution

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