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Keyword guide:simplified structure, agile operation, AI algorithm

Multi-View AIV

Simplified Structure: integrated design and simplified interface greatly save cost andspace.

Agile Operation: highly integrated control; multiple light sources and view pointsare available for setting by one key.

Intelligent Algorithm: advanced learningalgorithm based AI technology saves the trouble of manual programming. 


Core Function

MV-AIV supports thejoint detection of multiple cameras/multiple point positions/multi-views.

Lightsource, camera and motion structure adopt simple and uniformed visual control,guaranteeing fast and flexible photo-taking.

Convenient andefficient image calibration mode allows to quantity calibrated defect informationin real time.

Automatic backgroundtraining and the whole process of advanced learning can be monitored and thetraining/ testing result can be exported in the form of visual form.

It is possible to evaluate the products to be tested in areal time after the training is completed. Support emulation mode and adapt torapid assessment.

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