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AI Research Institute

AI Research Institute focuses on basic algorithm research and computer vision product development. Together with the computer vision data analysis center established synchronously, the institute provides powerful algorithms, products and data support for each department.

  • Deep learning

  • Advanced talents

  • Data center

  • Products R&D

  • Strategic cooperation

Business Department

The company sets up a relatively independent branch office according to the characteristics of the industry, which is equipped with a professional and efficient technical team. Thus, it can deeply understand the process demand of the industry, provide one-stop solution for customers through new technologies, and quickly respond to the demand of customers.

  • Packaging Logistics

  • Electronics

  • Auto Industry

  • LCD Industry

  • Other Industry

Project Management System

Project Risk Management System (PRMS) covers key nodes such as pre-research, technical agreement, conceptual design, assembly and debugging, quality inspection and acceptance, standardizes project management and operation, guarantees the customer's interest and improves the customer satisfaction.

  • Project start-up

  • Project Planning

  • Project execution

  • Project control

  • Project acceptance

Process System and Information Management

Intelligent Eyes divides the process into business process, management process and support guarantee process, and specially-assigned post is set for the management. An information management system is introduced to realize the management automation and improve the management and operation level of the company.

  • Quality system

  • Operation monitoring

  • Enterprise resource

  • Customer relationship

  • Office automation


In the future, Intelligent Eyes will increase R&D investment, improve the technical innovation ability, keep closer to the actual demand of customers by force of the complete closed-loop of R&D, marketing and project implementation, and accelerate the integration of AI with intelligent manufacturing.

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Intelligent detection

  • Intelligent equipment

  • Industrial internet

  • Big Data

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